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Review verse 1 Chronicles 6.62 The descendants

As Christians we should read the Bible daily to get it wholesome into our lives. Let us not be content to go through a chapter just to satisfy ourselves we learn to Hide the Word of God in our hearts. Which we will have to bear the only thing which can bring us closer to God in anyway is just prayers and doing God’s will. That way we are always sure of his undying love and blessings.

We know our prayers is answered

We know our prayers is answered in God does not answer prayers on of how good you are it depends upon His only will. He has a plan for everyone, down to the smallest bit of info, so often times we may ask for something, and He will say no even if it’s a good request. Everyone sins except for Jesus we all know God made Jesus into a human without sin and That is why God said to follow Jesus by his example When we do sin alltogether pray for forgiveness. Stay with God loves when you talk to Him and He takes prayers into constant consideration in His master plan, so let’s live a faithful life and trust that God will take care of everything.

Al Quran

Making these things a priority, we will likely find that as Christians we feel more peaceful and content, and we may even feel more capable of handling any hardships that come our way.. Let us stand aside and let Him take over all the choices and decisions of our lives. Though some people call themselves Christians but not really true Christians in their hearts. Yes, you should do rightful actions and keep quiet. Naturally, if they see your righteous actions, they’ll follow suit. Your goal is to maintain godly actions and stay away from immoral actions.

Jesus said we should love one another and we followed Him, the greatest demonstration of the fact that we are Christians is that we love one another. Be an obedient as a Christian Let Christ have first place in all the choices of our life. As we continue to Learn how to properly perform in God’s work and all our well being lets us stay away from sinful life.. Let Almihty in the heaven do the fighting for us And we all should be faithful to Him.

Our lives have not been already we are just learning about Christianity, we will need to become a follower of Christ before we may can live a good Christian life. To do this, let us pray to Jesus and ask Him to forgive for any sins we committed in our lives. Ask him to come into our heart to help us turn away from those sins, and devote ourselves to following him. Our lives and appearance that match the Gospel and make it attractive to others. Some times if not all the time we live above our making and imaginations. The Christians should not let our circumstances get us down we learn to live graciously within our selves, realizing the Lord Himself is with us.

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