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Review verse 1 Kings 6.34 He also made two

All of us Choose our battles wisely After all, life isn’t by how many times we stand up to fight and not winning battles that makes us happy. But it’s how most times we at times happens to as the saying away and chose our battles means to be of the problems including all things we do, let us seek help. That we get in Instead of fighting every problem, we may save our time only for the things that matter like living a spiritual life in God.

Not so that and we know all over again everything is important in this world Some things simply don’t matter in the long run If we. Think about what matter even so years now we will all prosperous. Apparent that many of the things we worry about are small and we should instead focus on the big important things. Every battle takes up time. One problem you wrap yourself in takes up time and energy. Even if we win that battle, maybe our time could have been better spent elsewhere. Victory isn’t all that matters some times making the best use of our time is a good thing.

Have limited time this reason why

This we should always keep up with life the most important and letting go of the unimportant let’s to look into a better direction Life . On spend it on good terms only the most important ones, and leave it the rest.

Have limited time this reason why anything matters is that we all have still yet time on earth and when we look back at our life. From our lives that we should avoid all battles if there is little to no chance of success, not at all times we want to pick a battle to make a statement. For example, in the case of workplace or bullying, we should raise the issue and let others know about the problem.

Al Quran

Then have personally reported school bullies before, and same for workplace harassment all of this we do then for our goodness. The payoff of engaging in the battle doesn’t have to be monetary it can be a moral one. Like protecting our rights or preventing further recurrence of the problem. Every situation is different, so weigh the costs and benefits before deciding what to do what do you want to see. A life where one is worried about every little thing and argued with everyone who stood in your way? Or a meaningful life well lived, where you spent your time only on the things that mattered, such as with the people you love and things that help the world.

The point of choosing our battles is to be strategic in how we spend this limited resource called time What matters to us What are our most important goals then Who are the most important people to us Fighting every battle means having no time for these things that matter. By making the choice as to what battle we want to fight, we are already winning the big game called life in the name of Jesus Christ.

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