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Review verse 2 Chronicles 6.18 

At times When we are being pushed, it is more natural for us to push back and It is difficult not to fight back. But, when we pull them closer to us instead of pushing them back, imagine the surprise. There would be less conflict and Besides, it’s more rewarding to love those who cannot love us back and Always respond with love not forgiving weighs us down. As not only the despised but also the person not giving his or her forgiveness to another. Let’s Set others free by forgiving them and we set our selves free.

As Christians, just like how we make the same mistakes over and over again and forgive in the end. Let us not forget or allow others the same room to make the same mistakes. Besides nobody is perfect right we know but those who know something should guide the rest. We should try very hard Learning to trust God, especially when we are feeling weak and inadequate. And Taking unpopular but necessary stands, and finding guidance from God to make difficult decisions about our future. No matter how we are feeling, whether we are feeling anxious, always we should find time to connect with our self.

Are there people in your life

As of now giving is our priority in life and when you should give even without expecting any praise or recognition in return. We only feel the deep joy in giving when we give without anyone knowing and Giving in secret and give anonymously and we will grow that way. No amount of other people’s encouragement can lift us up if we keep on bringing ourselves down to earth we should learn to spend time alone to find the deepest desires of our hearts not altered by other people’s agenda.

Are there people in your life you love so much that you are willing to die for. When there is someone you love more than yourself, it is however I think the best feeling in the world. Jesus even knew that clarity is one of the secrets to success so let us Be deliberate in living our life and further Be clear with what we want to achieve. Learn to Know what to ask for and how to ask for it all of us I mean.

Al Quran

In the deepest desires of our hearts also lies our purpose and our mission. No matter what we do or no matter how hard we may try, we all know we cannot please everyone and not everyone will believe in you.

The people closest to us may be the people who do not believe in you the most as well. Move on and spend your best energy and your best effort for people who do. It might hurt at first but eventually that is better than slowly letting yourself and your dreams just die like that. Let us experience the presence of the Holy Spirit to empower us Obeying even when you don’t understand God’s plan by Keeping focused on the mission when distractions come, and Leaving a spiritual legacy for those who follow us immediately and after

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