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Review verse Jeremiah 2.33 How skilled you

In Controlling. We are not the Master of this Universe I know we some times wish we were, but acting as if we are is a sure way to get out to sin. Trying to control situations and people can not work, and only serves to increase our annoyance when it does not work. Learn to let go, and accept the way that other people do things, and accept what happens in different situations. Having multiple tasks going on at the same time might seem productive, but in actuality it slows us down. From actually focusing on a task and completing it and it stresses us out in the meantime.

We should Avoid difficult people we know who they are If we take a minute to think about it. All of us can identify all the people in our lives and bosses coworkers, customers friends, family, etc who make our lives more difficult. Now, we could confront them and do battle with them, but that will most certainly be difficult. We should Just cut them out of our lives and focus on spiritual life in God.

If we’ve analyzed our life and

Help others It may sounds low to add more tasks to our life by trying to help other people we’ve got enough to do, but if we were to add anything to our life, this should be it. Helping others, whether for a charity organization or just making an effort to be compassionate towards people we meet, not only gives us a very good feeling, it somehow lowers our anger level. Of course, this doesn’t work if we try to control others, or help others in a very rushed and strong way Let’s learn to take it easy, enjoy ourselves and let things happen, as we work to make the lives of others better.

If we’ve analyzed our life and found things that make us sin then we should throw them out, we might have also noticed things that drain our spiritual life. Certain things in our life just cause us to be more exhausted than others, with less value Identify them, and cut them out. You’ll have much more energy and much less temptation and enjoy Happiness.

Al Quran

Let us Create more open periods of time in our lives It’s not necessary to schedule every minute of our lives. Learn to avoid meetings, keep wide open blocks of time where we either work on our important tasks or batch process the smaller ones.

As more open periods of time is available. Though not in every minute of our lives. We should all Learn to avoid trouble and keep wide distance of time where we work on our important tasks and process only yet the smaller ones or little by little. When someone asks to schedule a meeting, we should first try to get it done through email or phone and if that does not work, avoid having it scheduled. Ask them to call and see if our free at that time We all love having an open schedule.

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