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Let’s See how this is practically the same, but seems much more attainable Also tracking progress is much easier when we create smaller sub-goals like this What if we fail to move forward after a bad day. Don’t sweat it We are all human, so we are eventually going to encounter some rough weather or bad decision making along the way. It’s crucial that we recognize this for what it is: small speed bumps rather than complete failures.

What if we’ve had a bad day some times when I mention I try to sleep 8 hours a day, some times get strange looks from colleagues. Like I’m some sort of loser that doesn’t know how to live life to the fullest. Praying is for the blessings of our work something to rest These the biggest lessons I learned after analyzing my sleep and happiness. Also This doesn’t necessarily mean that our feeling of unhappiness is a result of bad sleep habits, but if there’s one thing that most people seem to neglect, then that’s sleep Don’t make that same mistake

It turns out that good plays

This kind of thinking is extremely, and one of the reasons why chronic sin is on the rise. It shouldn’t surprise you now that Sin rates are the highest. Days of the happiness and habits over the last years racked at times every praying and rates feeling of happiness on. What I found out was very interesting Now, this step might seem silly to you. How is good life going to help me get out of this rut

It turns out that good plays a gigantic role in our health. Even though you may not feel tired only, you’ll be surprised by the potential lasting effects of this. This is a vital part of our plan it needs to contain measurable and attainable goals After having written down the feelings in Jesus step, we probably find out that change won’t happen overnight.

Al Quran

The negative feelings that we’re experiencing right now are a result of a lot of things that may have already been going on for years. These habits that you’ve slowly built during life won’t always be easy to change. That’s why we need to accept that it takes time to get out of a hardship like this. Finding long term happiness again is a delicate process that cannot be rushed.

You have created a plan with action steps that can take to get back on your feet. Now do what it takes and move forwards one step at a time. This will help stay motivated, instead of forcing us to become paralyzed by the size of our goal. We’ll notice that we should find our way out of this problems by taking small steps like this. This brings us to the next step of this action plan: our selves are changing even now and everyone is same. But all of us are children on almighty God who rules over the universe from the beginning. and up to date we still lives and we’ll looks and His son Jesus savior of us all.

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