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Review verse Numbers 27.8 

Today, freedom tends to be associated, above all with a struggle to psychological and spiritual force that also includes a healthy self life. Our wisdom clearly recognizes that human kind has capacity for self healing, to believe what is personally Approach one another with honesty and thoroughness and maintain a kind of spiritual hygiene. In almighty God we all have what we need to do in order to gain access to the heavenly kingdom.

And stop the blaming others for our errors and shortcomings on other people. We should Be honest with ourselves and be prepared to assume responsibility and accept it when God almighty punishes us. The honest one, the famous and mystic, and has special plans for all of us because of the common human tendency to reject responsibility for doing wrong.

Well as Christians we often deceive

We should Avoid Sinful living and Live life in harmony and spiritual healthy. Good things attained without clearance can become a source of misery and suffering. This is echoed by the old thinkers who view something as nothing less than a solution to life’s riddle. The idea of avoiding the many opportunities for excess is ingredient in a life properly lived as we summarize in prayers.

Well as Christians we often deceive ourselves by holding on to unholy life believing what we want to believe. Often deceiving ourselves by holding hard and never letting go on evil believing what we want to believe. As often end up blaming what others analyse and when the truth of the matter is we are the ones who eventually made the decision to temptations in the first place.

Al Quran

All of us correctly understand that when people violate the limits of a reasonable mean then pay consequences ranging from counter frustrations to utter evil words. Very few individuals are willing to hold themselves accountable for the errors and mishaps that occur in their life. Instead, they tend to direct these situations off on others complaining of situations beyond their control. There are of course that occasionally sweep us along, against which we will have little or no back up plan.

But the far more typical tendency is to find ourselves in dilemmas of our own creation. Dilemmas for which we refuse to be held accountable. It is for this reason that we prized ideals such as measure balance harmony, and proportion as much as we want, the parameters within which productive living can proceed. If however, excess is allowed to destroy harmony and peace then the life worth living becomes impossible to obtain.

Students also deceive themselves believing that we may pass without studying the Bible, and end up blaming our professors for our eventual failure. Patients deceive themselves that they can be cured with convenient alternative medicines, which do not involve the restrictive lifestyle of spiritual methods . Christians freedom is often receive as a reward for struggle, measured in terms of one’s ability to pray individually because we all have rights. Let us learn good practice of staying holy even between hard times of our life.

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