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Review verse Psalm 74.16 The day is yours

Quite all of us We all know ourselves in this earthly lives that what we do is strictly for God. And is highly monitoring and any mistakes we kind of make then God save us all. When we’re not around other people it is easy to lose interest in tidying up our homes. Be aware of what we’re thinking about and stop our negative thoughts before they grow into Mental Monsters that are much harder to control.

If we don’t see beauty in

If we don’t see beauty in our world, we’re not looking hard enough If we’re home alone and feeling down. Walk outside and spend some time with nature Watch the birds fly and admire their elaborate flight formation. Thanks to almighty for all he has for us as we will be out always evenly to serve him willingness. and think to our thoughts can be so honest about us too and worst thing. Have all of us confession or at church for the blessings we receive from his highness . Being in control of the times we will have to do it again soon even we won’t regret what wonder we set for ourselves.

Al Quran

We find our self selves being lost to nothing in this world and Satan is already trying his best to work close so he gets us.. Until thoughts like will always be alone or no one will ever love me, but I tell you Almighty God loves you. I wonder what other could possibly be talking about. Finding our self stressing out, do something that relaxes us. Light some candles or incense take a nice hot bubble bath perform some gentle or play gospel music.

Look at that big, old tree that is the size of a giant and if we’re feeling limber, why not try to climb it ). Let’s Plant some flowers a vegetable garden, or a small tree in our back yard. You might find yourself with a sky high pile of dishes and mountains of clutter every where turn if we’re not careful. Even if you don’t have anything leftover or to be with as a child of His let’s understand this that frequently walks in our path to life. It is in our best interest to cleanse our lives every day if not for the hard work however at least once in a time of anything or maybe in a few week. And I couldn’t find much interest in anything more than watching at the back yard of my house the birds. All of us is being controlled by the holy Spirit and by almighty God

After living a few months in a large of sloth If a home is a disorganized wreck expect to feel stressed out as soon as walk in the door. A life free from sin will help keep us happy and we as well. Then realize who good can we be with the Lord and decided to learn how to be happy and enjoying life. This key things we learn on and along the way to the light.

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